REVIEW: Love, Hate & Other Filters by Samira Ahmed // more like love, hate and other mixed feelings

A Whisper Of Ink

So in case you didn’t know, I am Muslim Teen. This book features a Muslim Teen main character.

IM PRETTY SURE YOU CAN HEAR MY SQUEALING ALL THE WAY OUT ON JUPITER for those who live there. Let’s make this clear, I’ve never read a YA book with a Muslim main character. And that’s partly because there is actually so little of them and that’s a problem!

So when this sweet little book arrived from the publishers in the mail a few weeks ago I couldn’t contain my excitement because 1) MY FIRST PHYSICAL ARC and 2) A MUSLIM MAIN CHARACTER. I REPEAT. A MUSLIM MAIN CHARACTER. AGAHGAH, it was so impossible and surreal for me to finally, hopefully, see myself in a book.

And then from there, when I opened up this book, a lot of feelings came through. Some happy, and some gutted and some angry…

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