365 Challenge: Day 235 – Paperback

This Is My Truth Now

Paperback: a soft-covered version of words in a book that people read


About three (3) weeks ago, my debut novel was published in electronic form, available for sale via Amazon. Earlier this week, the paperback version was officially released and is also now available for sale via Amazon @ http://mybook.to/WGS

I am extremely excited to share this news. I waited a few days to announce it as I wanted to get the book in my hands and start reading it, but someone beat me to it. I won’t have my own copy until Saturday — isn’t that amusing! It worked out as this person was able to confirm the proper version, edit/format and look-n-feel, enabling me to let everyone know it’s officially in multiple versions. It’s a larger paperback, too, about the same size as a typical hardcover. As of today, between Amazon and Goodreads, I have over 40…

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